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Nano health water maker - SB-0020

Nano energy cup, 1) With strong osmosis, 2) Diffusibility, 3) Oxygen affinity, 4) It is very popular with people - more info check here: http://www.sourcingappliances.com/Nano-health-water-maker-11112868/

Quick Brief

Type: Ion Exchange Resin Softener Installation: Cabinet Type Certification: ISO9001 Power (W): 100 Voltage (V): 220 Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: Zhengjian nano Model Number: SB-0020 Function: toxic emissions and cosmetology PH: 7.8

Product Features:

Nano energy cup

1) With strong osmosis

2) Diffusibility

3) Oxygen affinity

4) It is very popular with people

Business Terms:

Port: Tianjin

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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Nano health water maker
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: high-grade carton package

Delivery Detail: within 3 days after your payment

Specifications and Product Details:

Our company is a manufacturer can provide OEM, ODM, R&D service.

All of our products have test report.

Nano Health Water Maker Function:

Hydrogen Water Stick with the market tourmaline Cup, the difference between the energy cup
The same point:
(1) can generate negative ions
(2) can be of drinking water alkaline (PH value 7.3 ~ 8.8)
(3) can purify water, eliminate the residual chlorine
(4) mineralized water, mineral water increased more than 9
(5) activation of drinking water
(6) can make the water into small molecules of water
(1) the energy market, tourmaline, etc. cups of water potential value reached -100 to-200Mv, while the hydrogen water utilities bit value can stick to-500Mv, that is made of hydrogen hydrogen water rod reducing water powerful than the market, 2 to 5 times cup
(2) of tourmaline and other energy market can not generate hydrogen and hydrogen glass of water, or very little hydrogen. The hydrogen treatment of the water rod water can be rich in hydrogen, the effective suppression of aging, hypertension, heart disease, skin aging and diabetes.
(3) hydrogen generated by hydrogen-rich water rod water, after Japan's most authoritative institutions (including 22 Japanese Medical and other authoritative report) After 10 years of clinical validation and tracking, clearly confirmed the hydrogen-rich water on human health prevention role (see above related reports from Japan)
(4) hydrogen water rods were Japan, the United States, Germany's patent and was established as "the best water in the 21st century."
(5) hydrogen water wand is easy to carry and very easy cleaning, and light in weight, unlike the other cup can not be cleaned, even if the core loss of the role of mine and even toxic substances are still used. Can always be packed in plastic bottles or mineral water bottle, a place where drinking water will be prepared at any time hydrogen-rich water, replenish the body antioxidants, the body get rid of free radicals, the body of 24-hour care, always keeping the young state.
Initial use:

Open the package, use mineral water bottles (500 ml) into the vinegar and water mixture (1:4 ratio), close the lid, shake for 10 seconds, open the lid, for 5 minutes, washed with water and hydrogen water bottle rod can be used.


With sports bottle (plastic bottles, glass bottles can not be used because hydrogen water to produce hydrogen rod, so as not to break the glass), the hydrogen stick into the bottle of water, then drinking the pure water or mineral water 350 ml, covered with lid 5 minutes, a bottle of a full-featured most of the reduction of antioxidant capacity of water to produce the hydrogen.

Hydrogen water bar maintenance:

When not in use, need to stick to the water hydrogen bubbles in the water can not be placed in the air to affect the life of hydrogen water rods. Hydrogen Water Stick generate hydrogen water for 12 hours, water is more tasty, sweet.

Hydrogen Water Stick is a real revolution in the water, and the latest market to see tourmaline Cup, negative ions are essentially different alkaline water, the product of water with more than all the vitamins A, C, E, green tea and other known anti-human oxidant, the negative potential is amazing-500mV, a full scale of human malignant reactive oxygen species (free radicals), is the prevention cardiovascular, cancer, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes, weight loss, improve women's menstrual cycles, gastrointestinal circulation, constipation, elimination of female menopausal symptoms, eliminate the body toxins played a strong role!

Capacity of the entire water

PH: PH7 (water) → PH 7.8

Hydrogen content deposit degrees: 0.051ppm (water) → 0.4 ~ 2ppm

Surface tension: 73dny/cm (water) → 64dny/cm

ORP: +450 ~ +550 mv (drinking water) → -150 ~-500mv

Update Date:2011-12-1 19:21:12

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