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JQ8 ozone air purifiers for car fresh,fruit clear ,air good. - JQ8

1.quality corona discharge ozone air purifier, 2.quartz discharge tubs, 3.CE approval, 4.ozono 400 mg/hour - more info check here: http://www.sourcingappliances.com/JQ8-ozone-air-purifiers-for-car-fresh-fruit-clear-air-good-11159501/

Quick Brief

Type: Air Purifier Parts Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: dongtuo Model Number: JQ8 other: other

Product Features:

1.quality corona discharge ozone air purifier

2.quartz discharge tubs

3.CE approval

4.ozono 400 mg/hour

Business Terms:

Port: guangzhou

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Piece/Pieces other

Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Quarter other

Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,other

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JQ8 ozone air purifiers for car fresh,fruit clear ,air good.
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: carton

Delivery Detail: 7 workingdays

Specifications and Product Details:

Ozone has been widely used in western countries for many years to sterilize water and other utensils. Many leading manufacturers incorporate ozone technology into their electrical appliances such as washing machine and refrigerators.

Ozone is a natural and easy way to enhance your health. With proper usage, multi functional ozone sterilizer brings immense benefits to improve our life and the environment.

A detailed study has been conducted by a German Laboratory to confirm it's effectiveness in destroying harmful bacteria and germs.

Working principle

The discharging process after starting, generates ozone and negative ions. The MULTI FUNCTION STERLIZER make use of this principal, taking air as material and aid of high voltage and frequency.

Negative Functions

Negative ions trap positive ion, which kill the bacteria, remove smoke and foul and poisonous smell from the materials. It effectively helps in decreasing the stuffs which may cause asthma.

Negative ions clean and fresh up indoor air decrease pollution and enhance the body metabolism, reduce respiratory problems and enhance resistance and immunity power of the body.

Ozone Function

Ozoning improves the indoor air quality, kills bacteria, removes peculiar smell. It is also used for deodorization in fridge etc.

The ozone dissolved in water is used for face wash, bathing, washing dishes, food and vegetables

Drinking ozone water is hygienic for health.

Operation Manuals:

Microcomputer control, manual or remote control available.Multi function Ozone Sterilizer

Water Purifier

ITEM: Utensils and milk bottles.
BENEFITS: It kills all kind of virus, germs, bacteria and infection. It has no side affects.
METHODS: Take a bucket of water, ozonise it with multi functional sterilizer and soak the utensils for 10 minutes.

ITEM: Fresh vegetables and fruits.
BENEFITS: Eliminates pesticides and harmful chemicals from fruits and vegetables. And they remain fresh for long time.
METHOD: Take a bucket of water, ozonise it and soak fruits and vegetables for 20 min.

ITEM: Frozen foodstuff.
BENEFITS: Destroy germs and micro organism and preserves freshness.
METHOD: Take a bucket of water, ozonise it and soak frozen foodstuff for 10 min.

Beauty and skin care.

Rebuilds and nourishes skin cells, sterilize and clean skin for softer and fair skin. Removes dandruff and itchiness, resulting into healthy hair.
METHOD: Take a bucket of water ozonise it for 10 min. for daily bathing.

ITEM : Bad Breath:
BENEFITS: Eliminates germs and infections that causes bad breath, keeps mouth fresh and clean.
METHOD: Take a cup of water ozonise it for 10 min and gargle for 3 to 5 min. Do not swallow the water.

As an Air Purifier

PLACE: Living, Study and bedroom
BENEFITS: Eliminates smell from sofa and beds, absorbs smoke and fresh up the air.,and leads to healthy living.
DURATION: 10 minutes.

PLACE: Kitchen and Corridor
BENEFITS: Removes smells from foodstuff and keep insects away.
DURATION: 10 minutes

PLACE: Refrigerator and ice box
BNEFITS: Removes all kind of foul smell
DURATION: 10 min

PLACE: Cupboards and shoe cabinets
BENEFITS: Kills bacteria and eliminates smell from shoe, socks and clothes. Reduces skin and foot diseases.
DURATION: 10 minutes.

PLACE: Newly renovated rooms and furniture
BENEFITS: Reduces dust and powder particles and eliminates smell.
DURATION: 10 minutes.

PLACE: Office
BENEFITS: Absorbs all dust and smoke and freshen air.
DURATION: 10minutes

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