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Family Use Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater - MXR-M470

vacuum tube solar water heater, 1.5years' warranty., 2.CE,ISO9001,CCC certificate, 3.High efficiency, 4 Offer OEM - more info check here: http://www.sourcingappliances.com/Family-Use-Vacuum-Tube-Solar-Water-Heater-30118454/

Quick Brief

Type: Evacuated Tube Pressure: Unpressurized Circulation Type: Direct / Open Loop (Active) Heating System: Thermosyphon (Passive) Connection Type: Direct-Plug Installation: Freestanding Housing Material: Stainless Steel Certification: CE Capacity: 250 Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: MICHER/OEM Model Number: MXR-M470 use: bath room heat preservation: 72-80 hours inner tank/outer tank Diameter: 360/470mm

Product Features:

vacuum tube solar water heater

1.5years' warranty.

2.CE,ISO9001,CCC certificate

3.High efficiency

4 Offer OEM

Business Terms:

Price Terms:FOB,CIF,EXW

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,L/C

Minimum Order: Negotiatable

Delivery Port: Customized

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Family Use Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: carton box ,vacuum tube are separate package with water tank

Delivery Detail: 15days for container

Specifications and Product Details:

vacuum tube solar water heater

Non Pressure Solar Water Heater Working Principle

The vacuum tube absorbs the sun’s rays and turns it into heat energy, heating the water in the tubes. As the temperature of the water rises it becomes less dense, so the hot water in the tubes float into the tank, and the cold water in the tank travels down into the tubes. This natural cycle keeps repeating and the water in the tank gets hot. This unit will work below freezing temperatures as the glass tubes are sealed and heat can only enter and not escape from them. Non pressure system drains by gravity, unit must be placed at high place above supply line.


Inner tank:

Food grade SUS304/2B stainless steel with optional 0.31mm, 0.35mm, 0.40mm, and 0.50mm thick.

Outer tank:

Aluminum zinc painted steel (silver, white), strong and anticorrosion effectively welded by argon arc. Or SUS304-2B stainless steel with optional 0.31mm, 0.35mm, 0.40mm and 0.50mm thick.

Capacity: 100L/120/135L/150L/180L/200L/250L/300L/

Vacuum tube:

3.3 high borosilicate glass, 1.6mm thick absorption coating, Ø47mm or Ø58mm and length 1500or 1800mm, resisting 28mm hail.

Tube quantity: 10,12,15, 18, 20, 24, 30.

Heat insulating layer: Improved polyurethane integral foaming with 50-65mm thickness.

Bracket: Galvanized steel with 1.50mm thickness.Or stainless steel SUS304/2B with optional 0.31mm, 0.55mm, 0.88mm, 1.10mm thickness.

Fasteners: Stainless steel screws/Phosphating bolts.

Seal: Imported silicone rubber polymer.

Temperature: 45-95 degree centigrade, temperature is over than 40-54 degree in the winter

Heat preservation: 72hours

Hail resistance: 28mm.

Installation Notes:

1. Assembly of this unit typically takes less than one hour

2. Unit is gravity drain, must be placed at highest point of house

3. For maximum efficiency unit should be placed in an unobstructed view of sun light for eight hours a day

4. In freezing climates all exterior pipes should be well insulated

5.Reliable and efficient with twin-glass solar tubes

6. Easy plug-in installation

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