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Buy Lead: KSD1 F/Q type bakelite thermostat (See details)

I'm looking to replace a KSD1 170 thermostat in a waffle iron.
Could you please provide me with a cost and approx. deliver time.

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Posted By: Emma Barton on June 08, 2018 07:34 From 185.73.38.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Other Home Appliance Parts

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Inquering Related Product: KSD1 F/Q type bakelite thermostat - KSD1 series F/Q type

Quick Brief

Type: Other Home Appliance PartsPlace of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name: FULL SAFE
Model Number: KSD1 series F/Q type  

Product Features:

KSD1 F/Q type bakelite thermostat

1,operating temp.:0~180

2,250v/10a or 125v/15a


Product Cateogry: Other Home Appliance Parts

Business Term:

Price Terms:FOB,CIF,EXW

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,L/C

Minimum Order: Negotiatable

Delivery Port: Customized

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KSD1 F/Q type bakelite thermostat

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:carton:470mm*380mm*270mm or carton:460mm*270mm*220mm
Delivery Detail:20 days

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page
KSD1 F/Q type bakelite thermostat
KSD1 and KSD series thermostats are one type of small bimetal temperature controllers with shells. The influence of certain ambient temperature on its thermal bimetal disk would result in the deformation of the disk, and its instant movement drives the contact and other components to open or close the electric appliances and equipments. In short, it is a reliable, long-life and non-interference thermal device with fixed working temperature.
The products are suitable for temperature control or overheat protection for such as hot-water heater, kettle, water dispenser, electronic disinfection device, dryer, microwave oven, electric heater, coffee machine, sandwich maker, vacuum cleaner, electric mop, toaster, soybean milk maker, electric irons and other home appliances and other electro-thermal devices and machines like electric motors and copier.
* Don’t let water or other liquid leak into the thermostat.
* The surface has to been installed flatly and evenly with calorific surface.
* The body case should not have any crack; the shape of terminal can’t be changed at will.
Technical pecifications
Electrical RatingAC 250V Resistive load 10A; Inductive load 8A
AC 125V Resistive load 15A; Inductive load 12A
(vacuum cleaner only) AC 250V 10A FLA 40A LRA ;
AC 125V 15A FLA 40A LRA
Operating Temperature0~180 °C
Differential10~40 °C
Endurance TestUL,CUL: (25~180°C) 100000 cycle
VDE: (0~180°C) 10000 cycle
CMJ: (150°C) 10000 cycle
KTL: (0~180°C) 250V/11A 10000 cycle
CQC: (5~180°C) 250V/10A 10000 cycle
Dielectric ResistanceAC50Hz 1800V for 1second
insulation ResistanceMore than 100MΩ (DC500V megger)
Contact ResistanceLess than 50mΩ (DC6V/1A milliohm meter)
Heat ResistanceMax operating temp. 150°C,Max surface temp. 180°C
Max operating temp. 180°C,Max surface termp. 210°C
Normal Contact StatusOpen / Close
Installation requirements
The enters of installing23.8mm;24mm;25.5mm;30mm
Installing Forms
a. Activity type; b. Fixed type;
c. Pressure plate; d. Custom mode
Size4.75mm×0.5mm or 4.75mm×0.8mm or 6.35mm×0.8mm
Terminal typehorizontal terminal
vertical terminal
both terminals 30/40/45 deg bend upward
It can be custom mode to suit your need

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